News! FREE first aid education from the British Red Cross in 2015

Everyday first aid sessions are being offered strategically to people most likely to use their newly learned skills in an emergency.

The British Red Cross risk based approach focuses on first aid emergencies that are clinical (stroke, heart attack, falls); environmental (homeless; poverty) or behavioural (substance use; self-harm).  They want to reach groups who have an identified risk which is greater than the average person.  They know that this fluctuates from community to community.

The 2015 engagement strategy will primarily focus on groups (such as friends, family members, organisations and unpaid carers) who meet this risk model within the following categories:

  • Friends, family and unpaid carers of people with a medical condition  
  • Families of children in poverty
  • People who are rurally isolated
  • Substance users
  • Homeless people
  • Refugees & asylum seekers
  • Roma, gypsy and travellers

Everyday first aid sessions are a maximum of two hours long and help people become more confident to help someone by teaching first aid skills that are easy to do, easy to learn and easy to remember.  The British Red Cross work alongside other organisations such as yours and tailor first aid training to meet the specific needs of your group in an inclusive and flexible way. Each participant receives an easy to follow workbook with a detachable certificate of first aid learning.  

Please help build community resiliency by arranging a session for any of your groups that could benefit from these skills as well as sharing this information with other organisations you work with.

For more information contact Deborah Webster,
Adult Education Coordinator - Humanitarian Action Team:

Tel: 01629 593335
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.