News! Mapping of Sevices for Children and Young Adults

Rural Action Derbyshire are currently working on putting together a mapping exercise on behalf of a potential Care Farm Project based in the Derbyshire Dales.

As part of the project development, the group (which aims to register as a Charity) intends to compile a comprehensive business plan which will clearly set out their vision of supporting children and young adults, how this can be achieved and to demonstrate that it can be sustainable. As such, they need to identify what provision for children and young people already exists across the county and parts of Staffordshire as the farm is located to the Derbyshire/Staffordshire border. They aim to support clients from a wide-range of agencies, such as Social Care services, schools and colleges, NHS mental health, youth offending etc. At this early stage no contacts or SLA agreements have been discussed yet with any of these potential referral agencies.

Therefore, Rural Action Derbyshire would like to map organisations within Derbyshire, who work with or offer services to children and young adults, such as Care Farms or other similar settings.

There are two main enquiries:

  • Mapping of existing services across Derbyshire - as part of the Business Plan, the organisation needs to identify what alternative provision is already available to commissioning agencies (both Care Farms and other similar settings)
  • Once formally established, the Care Farm will need to develop contacts within the various CAYA agencies with the potential to develop referral systems.

For more information about this exercise or to get involved please contact Helena Stubbs:

Tel: 01629 592973
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.