News! New LED Lighting In Bus Shelters

Nearly 300 bus shelters are to be fitted with LED lighting as part of an inititiative to save money and reduce carbon emissions.

There will be 600 inefficient flurescent tubes replaced in 293 bus shelters across the country at a cost of £58,000 (from our Carbon Reduction Initiatives Fund).

LED lighting produces the same level of light for less energy, and by replacing the existing fluroscent tubes with new lighting, we excpect to save up to £12,000 in electricity and maintenance costs and reduce carbon emissions by 12 tonnes a year!

Lighting has already been replaced in nearly 400 bus shelters which cost £64,000 and we expect to save nearly £24,000 per year.

The new lighting being put into bus shelthers will be on permanently over night - reducing vandalism to bus shelters.

We're looking to make savings across all our services as we try to deal with the biggest budget cuts in our history.

By 2020, the funding we get from the central government is expected to be more than a third less than in 2010.

Other energy efficient projects we're funding include replacing street lights with LED lights and funding a wind turbine in Shipley Country Park near Heanor.

Work on replacing the lighting at the remaining bus shelters will start in the next few months.