News! Warmth Buddies

Groundwork is a charity that is very passionate about the environment - we hate waste, especially when it costs people money. Making your home cheaper to heat and reducing the amount of electricity or gas you use makes sense, for you and your bills - this is why Groundwork started to Green Doctor service!

Affordable Warmth Buddies

Groundwork are offering the opportunity for local people to volunteer and attend the visits with our Green Doctor and gain the experience to become an energy advisor through a two year programme. The volunteers will be supported by our Green doctor during the project providing the opportunity to attend accredited training with the aim of continuing to support other householders in giving energy advice as a local energy advisor.

The visits are funded by Bolsover Partnerships -  if you are living in any other areas in the Bolsover District (other than Barlborough and Whitwell)

What they can help with:

  • Affordable warmth
  • Fuel switching
  • Boiler control
  • Meter reading

They also offer referrals for:

  • Financial planning support
  • Benefit checks
  • Signposting to other partnership support projects

For more information please contact Bruce Bell on:

Tel: 01246 570977

E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.